Ellie on Parade

My daughter’s favorite animal is definitely the elephant. I don’t know whether it’s their long trunks, big ears, or chubby bodies, but they make her squeal in delight. So, it was only natural for me to think of elephants when the time came to create a mobile to hang above her crib. This colorful elephant mobile is a delight for my daughter every time she wakes up and sees it. I hope your little peanut enjoys it as much as mine does. This pattern can be found in Robyn Chachula’s Baby Blueprint Crochet.

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14 thoughts on “Ellie on Parade

  1. This sounds like a great book, but there’s nothing listed to order the book….Robyn Chachula’s Baby Blueprint Crochet book.  Why do you post the picture without a pattern or link to order???  Can you please send the information to my email address: mtnnana07@aol.com.  Thank you.

  2. It appears that the author/designer of this pattern is not responding, unless she’s is doing so via private email. I don’t find anything telling where the pattern can be found or how much it costs.


    Like everyone else, I would also like to work this pattern up.