Tunisian Crochet with Free Patterns

Lace, chevrons, crochet in the round, warm and solid fabric, you can create anything with Tunisian crochet. And I am so excited to share new patterns in our free Tunisian eBook, 7 Free Tunisian Crochet Patterns Plus Tips on Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitches and How to Tunisian Crochet, with you.

But first, here is a little information on choosing the right hook for your Tunisian project-you might find the perfect hook in your collection.

The Tunisian Crochet Hook

On the forward pass of any Tunisian crochet row, you will pick up a loop in each stitch across. You may have 2 loops or you may have 200 loops on your hook at the end of the row, depending on your pattern. The loops you pick up will slide down the shaft of your hook. Especially if you are using a regular crochet hook, it is important that the shaft be even. If the grip widens, it will increase the size of the loops that slide over it, distorting the finished fabric.

Many Tunisian hooks have a relatively short shaft connected to a longer wire or cord. This cord is narrower than the shaft of the hook, but the smaller circumference does not affect the size of the loops.

Some Tunisian crochet hooks, such as the Denise Interchangeable Crochet hooks, allow you to control the length of your Tunisian crochet hook. A variety of different length cords can be attached to a short crochet hook, ensuring your hook is long enough without being too long and unwieldy. These interchangeable hooks also work well for your regular crochet projects and can be used to create double-ended Tunisian hooks.

So pull out an even-shafted crochet hook from your collection or pick up a new Tunisian crochet hook and explore Tunisian crochet today. Don't forget to download your free copy of  7 Free Tunisian Crochet Patterns Plus Tips on Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitches and How to Tunisian Crochet.

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P.S. A special thank you to Denise Interchangeable Knitting & Crochet for sponsoring this fabulous and educational free eBook.



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