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on Jan 4, 2006 1:49 PM

editorial imageI am lucky to have a wildy creative group of friends. It makes for passionate discussion, true hilarity, astonishing brainstorms, and every once in a while a really fun adventure. Like when my friend Pamela Bethel asked me to be a model for a photography project she was working on. What a bonus when she told me to bring yarn and a hook! This photo is a product of that uber fun half-hour, and it cracks me up.

Summer is a slow time for fiber crafts. It's hot, the kids are home from school, there are family visits and vacations and barbecues and sports and swimming and reading and. Then it's fall. It happens to be that my favourite season is fall, and I think that because of this I'm very lucky to have become a fiber enthusiast. As the weather gets cooler and the days shorter, more and more wool and mohair and alpaca yarns start flowing over the shelves and baskets of my LYS, and I start hearing the call of my comfy sofa instead of the call of the beach.

So it makes sense that this issue is not like the rest; at least to me. Most of what makes it different is the astonishing amount of stuff that will be added mid-issue. I'm talking on the order of a fab woman's cardigan and a big promotion. So don't be deceived into thinking that this issue is small. Oh no! It will be big. Just you wait.

So you have one month to feast on all we have to offer thus far, before we inundate you with more. Have a go at the patterns and features. And accept our design challenge while you're at it. We set up a forum just for it so you can keep us posted or ask questions or whatever you'd like.

As we continue to work feverishly to make sure that our mid-issue content is the best it can be, we throw our arms around the neck of this issue's sponsor, Knit Picks. There are few things better than finding natural fibers at breathtaking prices, no?

As this editorial is always the last thing I write before a new issue is launched, I'm now going to bid you adieu. There's a copy of a certain new Harry Potter book that's been staring at me from a corner for the last two weeks; I'd best go crack the spine.



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