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on Jun 23, 2006 5:45 PM

Kim Piper Werker (photo: Neil Piper)There's a storm brewing, dear readers, and it's not related to global warming. I would argue that the storm's been brewing for over two years, really. In fact, I would argue that the brewing storm is actually starting to take form. Can't you feel the breeze and the drizzle? I'll evoke Haley Joel Osment for a moment and proclaim in my most melodramatic whisper: "I see crocheters."

Crochet me grew so quickly after the lazy day in February, '04, when I tossed together a few webpages - I spent much of the last two years trying to keep up. Well, I've got lots of help now*, and I'm getting back in touch with the fire that was lit under my derriere back then. The issues that led me to start this site still exist. And we still need to raise our hooks and our voices to demand some very important things. We need to challenge the conventions that surround us. We need to demand equal treatment in the yarn store. We need to stop being afraid of our creativity. We need to push the boundaries of our craft just to see how far we can go.

Crochet me has come a long way, and so has the crochet industry. But we have so much farther to go. It's not just about a boom in the number of crochet books and magazines. It's about pride in our craft. It's about valuing the time we spend working with our hands. It's about challenging ourselves to learn new things. It's about indulging enough to make ourselves feel like we're worth it.

Back in '04 I made frequent references to a call to arms. Well, I'm at it again. We must arm ourselves with our hooks and yarn, with words and actions, with the way we shop, with the projects we make. Enough apologizing for enjoying our hobby. Enough worrying about what other people think or about what's in or what's out. If you don't see crochet you like, design it yourself. And then submit it to us so we can share it with the world.

Humour me for a second and complete this sentence (out loud if you're comfortable talking to your computer screen; inside your head if you're more timid): "If I try something new in crochet or if I make a huge mistake in my crochet project, then ___"

If your completion was any of the following, consider yourself off the hook:

  1. I will get severely ill or die.
  2. others will get severely ill or die.
  3. I will lose my job.
  4. babies or animals will suffer.
  5. stars will fall from the sky, resulting in millenia of darkness and a return to barbarism.
  6. Britney Spears will start singing and she won't ever stop.

I didn't think so. There's no risk in pushing your crochet skills. Try, fail, try again, fail again, learn at your own hand, and share with others.

Ok. I needed to get that out of my system. Have thoughts you want to share? Leave a comment. Join the forum. Start a blog.

And now, get thee to this summer issue. You demanded garments, and garments we deliver. Along with stuff for cool kids, a hat for heads, and a wrap for shoulders. I'm also pleased as pie to share with you an exclusive article about crochet and fashion by author and Interweave Crochet editor Judith L. Swartz, along with several articles that urge you to take pride, to challenge yourself, and to play with sheep, and to find cool new stuff.

We welcome Dream Weaver Yarns as this issue's sponsor. Have you seen all the stuff they carry in their online store? Drool-worthy, that.

Support the fight against *** cancer!Finally, I want to tell you about the CIBC Run for The Cure. It's a massive fundraiser to fight *** cancer, and I'll be joining a team of crocheters and knitters in Toronto on October 1st to participate. If every Crochet me reader donated a dollar, we'd raise a whopping huge amount of money. Please support this very important cause that affects us all. 

Now. Go crochet something.


Kim, Ed.

* Enormous thanks to Julie, Jenna, Chloe, and Amy!

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