Harmony books !999 vs 2009

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juliafdiva wrote
on Jan 3, 2010 9:13 AM

I am fairly new to crochet and completely new to this forum so pls be gentle.

My quandary is that after soaking up my happy hooker book and conquering basic stuff I am desperate to lay my hands on some book that contain more complex stitches that I can use to make my own patterns up from. I am also looking at trying out afghan or Tunisian crochet as well.

Harmony have released new versions of the harmony guides and atm both versions can be sourced to buy. (300 stitches &220 more 1999 vs. the harmony guides: 250 basic stitches& 250 motifs & Crochet edgings and motifs)

My questions is has anyone any feedback on which set to buy? Both get good reviews but nowhere can I find comparison of them to find which is best to go for. Have given up trying to find in shops as this has been very tiresome.

Any opinions?

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