SIBOL ' Sunshine International Blankets of Love' . (Elderly project)

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Mrs Twins wrote
on Mar 7, 2010 7:09 AM


I'm making Blankets for the Elderly in the UK. I'm wondering whether anyone would like to help me by donating 6" Knitted or Crocheted Squares. When the Blankets are finished I shall be taking them into local Nursing homes and sending off to Charities.

6" Knitted or Crocheted Squares

Any Design, Any Colour, Acrylic if possible as it washes better (or anything you have in your stash, those odd bits lying around!).

There's no panic, no rush, no deadline, Just when you can.This is something I want to be doing all year round.

My Grandmother lived until the fine age of 103.She was very lucky she was so independent, living on her own and was in good health until the day she passed away. I want to make these Blankets in her Memory. Although I know My Grandmother was extremely lucky, I realise there are a lot of people who aren't. It's to these people I wish My Blankets to go to.

Thank you !

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Miss Wendy wrote
on May 5, 2012 8:03 PM


Are you still looking for squares? I have plenty if you need them.



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