Fleuri bag DESPERATE beginners help neede!!!

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on May 10, 2010 2:59 PM


Ive made the back + front of the bag but dont understand about the petals part, Do I stitch them straight onto the bag? This next bit-doesnt make it very clear-do I do this first or what?

Petal Pattern: (Hdc, dc, dc) in the next st. (Dc three times) in the next st. (Dc, dc, hdc in the next st). Sl st in the next two sts.

Petals are done on the front of the bag in the exposed top loops from each round.

Starting in the middle, or anywhere else your heart desires, pull yarn through and sl st in the next st.


then whats this all about-

Rnd 1: *Place (sc, hdc, hdc) in the next st, (hdc, hdc, sc) in the next st. Sl st in next two sts*. Repeat ** pattern 2 more times.

Rnds 2-5: Begin Petal Pattern, spiraling your way around the bag. Sl st to next st and fasten off.


Is this the same thing or something else? Do the petals get sewn on after?

Inm very confused!!

Attaching the handlesFinishing: With right sides facing, sew the last round together for about 45 sts. Fasten off and turn right side out.


Starting 6 sts to the right of the center at the top of the bag, join ring to bag with a sl st and work 13 sc around the acrylic handles. Turn the bag over and repeat for the other handle. Weave in ends.

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cannej wrote
on May 13, 2010 7:25 PM

Hi stitcherypokery - read your post, found the pattern for the Fleuri Bag.  Hope I can help with your confusion, tho you've maybe already figured it out. 

The first 7 rows of the front you worked in the back loops - the petals will be worked in the free front loops of these rows. 

So, the first round has 8 hdc - begin there following directions for Rnd 1.  You will work in the first 12 stitches and that will make your 3 center petals a bit smaller than the rest and help them to fit better in the small space of the center. 

Once you've done these 3 petals, work the Petal Pattern til you reach the end of Rnd 7 of the front or until you have less than 5 free loops left to work with.  Fasten off.

I hope this makes sense to you.  I'll check back here in case you go "Huh?".  Hope you'll post a photo when it's done.  -  Cheryl

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on May 16, 2010 9:47 AM

Thanks so much for taking the trouble to reply.


Ive now finished my bag and I love it! Im not sure how I managed to do it but it seems OK.


I will try + upload a photo when i work out ho to! 

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on Jun 1, 2010 12:26 PM


I've just finished making this bag in a bright summery pink, it's beautiful!!!   I'm going to make another one, slightly larger and in a darker colour to use as a dress bag for evening out.

If you get stuck again email me and I will help where I can.

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