When will the Summer 2010 Interweave Crochet patterns be up in Ravelry, with pictures?

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NorahW wrote
on Jun 18, 2010 7:54 PM

Are you waiting until everyone has received their issues?  I noticed some patterns are up, but most don't have pictures.  I could enter some in there but of course I don't have the authority to add the pictures.  I notice the ones with pictures are in a lot of queues, while the ones without aren't.   If they don't have pictures, they don't show up in Recently Added Patterns.

I've noticed that Interweave Knits always has all the patterns in Ravelry, with pictures.  However, some of the crochet patterns never seem to get in, or they get in but don't have pictures.  I think it's a really good advertising tool for the patterns, for people to see them in the recently added items. 

I'd be glad to add some of them but only if the pictures could be added soon after, because if the pictures don't show up right away the pattern is never going to show up in Recently Added Patterns.  (I'll probably give up and add a couple anyway so I can add them to my queue even without pictures, but I'd rather wait for the pictures so they'd get more exposure on Ravelry. 



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