New to crochet...sort of

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Lnzoma wrote
on Feb 1, 2011 2:00 AM

Hello All!


My name is Lohren and I'm picking crochet back up.  i used to do it when i was a teenager then....who knows.  Now I'm 31, the mother of 6 (14yrs to 6 months), wife of one large, happy man and a special education coordinator.   I have been looking for something to relax and meditate with as a hobby that I can take anywhere and well, crochet seems to be it!  

My favorite thing to do is to rise before everyone else in the early morning, have a cup of hot tea and try a pattern for a few hours with NO interruptions.  

I recently began going to CityKnits here in Detroit, MI to "hang out" on Fridays with other crochet/knitters and I enjoy my time...I'm usually the youngest person there but me and the 6 month old loved it and the ladies seemed to love passing my baby around in between projects....


Thanks for setting up a site like this!!  



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Scotkat wrote
on Feb 1, 2011 10:17 AM

Hello Lnzoma its so easy to relax and yes get hooked and engrossed.


I have picked up crochet again but thsi tiem I am tryign to self tea my self tunision crochet.


I have teh crochetme 2009 mag the Katherine vest .


I am stuck on Setup tksFwp stitch and TksFwp  wonder if there is a tuturial I could watchfor these stitches.





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