How do I make a blanket (rectangle) from all of these triangles? Advice please

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on Mar 31, 2011 9:08 AM

I am in the process of crocheting lots and lots of little triangles (about four or five inches per side). I'd like to make a blanket ultimately but I can't figure out how best to arrange them all to make the finished rectangle. Do I fill in along the sides with another stitch (if so, how?) or do I make a series of "pizza pies" and link them somehow? I am having trouble wrapping my head around this thing! Any advice/links to patterns would be gratefully accepted! Thank you!!

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DonnaP wrote
on Mar 31, 2011 9:42 AM

Wrapped in Crochet  has a shawl composed of triangles. I had actually thought of using that pattern to make an afghan.


There is also a book of afghans - I think the name is Heritage Afghans - that has an afghan made up of triangles.


Also, Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs has at least one triangle afghan.

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