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crochetnut1 wrote
on Apr 15, 2011 7:52 PM

I am currently doing an afghan in single crochet from a graph.  I notice that the angle of the stitches don't always match the pattern.  For example, when crocheting a border around an object, it looks like there is a lag and the stitch is off.  Does anyone know of a way to avoid this? 

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jroberts123 wrote
on Apr 16, 2011 7:32 PM

Is the border in a different color and you are only doing one to two stitch width?  If so, make sure you are changing color in the prior stitch.  Watch the video on how to change yarn in the middle of your work (Go to Video tab and look under Crochet Techniques, Changing Yarn in the Middle of Your Work 4/16/10)  Kim Werker shows you how to switch color and then she tightens the new color and it really makes the stitch look square instead of like a zig zag.

There is also a series of videos showing how to work off a graph and she has to change color for only one square.  She also has some tips on how she keeps track of her rows and whether she is working the back or front.

I wish you luck.  I did a checkerboard where I carried the colors and worked around them instead of carrying them and the effect was exactly what I was going for, but after seeing Kim's video, I wish I had tighten my color change stitch a little better and maybe my squares would look better and I had one row where I lost count and did one extra row, so my squares are one stitch higher than the others...lesson learned - I will work from a chart next time and mark which row I am on.


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