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normah.ayup wrote
on Jul 9, 2011 8:42 AM

actually, i am confused about the various kind of basic crochet type.i see that it is not too much differ from one type to another type for example single crochet and any other crochet term.i love crochet,but at the same time,this give me a little bit confused.please help me to understand more,maybe a little bit of clearer image.thank you.

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crochetmagic wrote
on Jul 20, 2011 7:23 AM

You can try watching videos on youtube. That will guide you. Most crochet books explain the beginner stitches well too. Basically, a single crochet is as tall as one chain, a half double crochet as tall as 2 chains and double crochet as tall as three chains. For single crochet you don't wrap the yarn around the hook before inserting the hook into the stitch but you do  so for half double and double crochet etc. Master single crochet first and move on to half double and then the next, one at a time so that you will notice the difference. All the Best!

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