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cenadarling wrote
on Dec 15, 2011 7:34 AM

Not new to crochet...but this pattern is not clear to me.

Red Heart Yarn Textered Crochet Throw.......Pattern LW2384    at     can someone take a look at it please.

States  in Round two  dc in each of next three stitches.......what does IN mean ...... in between the stitches or actually into the top of the stitch?   This is worked with a large N hook and this yarn ...getting it into a stitch is hard....

Also...this pattern uses 3 colors of yarn.     After round one it changes color.  It does not say Fasten off first color.?   After round two it says Fasten off.   Very it appears I am to carry color A...? why and how?

Even though it does not say fasten off ..... do I fasten off after each color change throughout the pattern?

One other their a trick to weaving in ends so the stay permanently?

Thank you


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Babbsxx wrote
on Dec 15, 2011 9:36 AM


   I checked the pattern, and there is a corrected version with the corrections  made in Row 2.  See if that will help clarify your issue with this pattern.

 Here is the color sequences: Row3- B, Rows 4 and 5=A, Row6=C, Rows7&8&9=A, Row 10=B, Rows 11&12=A, Row13= C,  Rows 14,15,16,17=A, Row 18=B, Rows 19,20,21=A, Row 22=C, Row23=A, Row24=B, Rows 25&26=A.

 There are several great videos on YouTube showing how to weave in(fasten off) the ends.

Good luck!

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