Ideas for edgings for afghans

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on Jan 5, 2012 9:32 PM

Just finished a twin-bed-sized blanket of granny squares in a host of different colours (remnants and oddments I acquired) and would love to hear your suggestions for a nice edging.  I've already completed one round of single crochet around the edge to give a foundation, but as the blanket is quite large, I think it would benefit from a scallop/shell or a thick rope effect as well.   I don't really want to buy additional yarn to make the edging all one colour, so it will also be from remnants.  Would it look better if I created several rows of different colors or keep changing the colors to give bursts of color round the edge?  (Lots of ends to work in though?)  Also, if I continue in single crochet, should I turn the work, or keep the right side facing, as I build up extra rows?  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!  Thanks in advance.

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on Jan 8, 2012 7:11 AM
I like putting edgings on my afghans too.  As a result, I've added a few edging books to my crochet library.  I've also looked at free afghan patterns on line to give me ideas when I can't find that edging I'm looking for.  From your description, I'd say you've got the right idea to finish it.  In my opinion, with all the colors I wouldn't want a frilly edging so your idea of a shell or a thick rope effect is good.  Maybe switch to a larger hook and using 2-3 strands of yarn, do a crab stitch (reverse single crochet).  Change out the colors randomly as you work your way around to utilize all the colors in your afghan.  You'd have to work on the spacing of the stitch though if you did more than one strand.  So that you don't have to work in all those ends and have lots of knots, use a Russian Join (  Whatever design you decide to use, I'd keep the right side facing you (unless you find a specific pattern that says to turn your work).  Well, those are my thoughts!  Post a picture when you're finished!
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on Jan 8, 2012 10:51 AM

Hi Cathy  That was so nice of you to post such a comprehensive reply, I really appreciate it and it's given me the boost I needed to get it completed, now.  Watch this space for a picture.Wink

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