Flash Your Stash!

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Sarah Read wrote
on Jan 20, 2012 5:39 PM

In my blog post about organizing my stash, I had to photograph the whole thing.

Scary, huh?

Share your stash pictures here!

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physicsgirl wrote
on Jan 21, 2012 3:55 PM

I tried to write some of my New Year's crafting resolutions to reduce the tendency to stash:

One of my crafting resolutions is to buy yarn only from local shops... to support local small business, to buy higher quality yarns with more thought behind the project for which the yarn is intended, and -- because it's hard to visit those stores with a toddler in tow versus the larger stores (which also stock kid's toys and  crafting supplies) --  to reduce yarn shopping overall (it used to be so easy to visit the Micheal's next to the Babies R Us or sneak into the yarn area at Walmart when other various items were needed for the family).

Another resolution is to complete two projects each month... insuring that I use up some of those single-skeins and odds and ends for "quick projects", especially if I really would like to spend the month on a bigger project.  It's also going to help me make sure that bigger project doesn't get left unfinished... since it's completion will also count towards a finished project.

Unfortunately for your request, I can't really photo my stash... which is truly "stashed" around the house: there's three skeins in my closet, two boxes in the spare room closet, six balls of thread in the toddler's upper drawer where she can't reach it, six skeins in my filing cabinet that relate to the current and "next up" projects, a basket in the living room with two skeins of yarn to be wound into balls and one project to be frogged...  I'm just glad we only have one family car (since I used to have yarn in the trunk when I still had a personal car)!

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on Jan 22, 2012 9:14 AM

I'm lucky enough to have a closet without clothes in it!  Half of it is dedicated to my crocheting/knitting supplies. I organized everything a few months ago and these hanging bins are working great for storing my leftover yarns, threads, and supplies.  These hanging organizers are often shown as shoe storage; however, they also come in bigger sizes and that's what is shown here.  I no longer have to search thru bags, drawers, or boxes for that bit of color I need to finish a project.  I've organized this so that each space holds yarns/threads that are alike (cotton yarn, thread, bulky, specialty, etc. has its own cubby hole.  It's barely visable in the picture, but I have two large storage bins off to the to side.  One is for my future projects, the other for finished items.  I also organized these bins.   The future project bin stores my bagged yarn with a copy of the pattern I had planned for that yarn.  In the past, I would just store my yarn in the bin and then when I was ready to start another project, I'd dig thru the bin to find all the same skeins and sometimes end up wondering what I had planned on making!  I now just reach into the bin, grab a bag and all the yarn and pattern are right there.  In the other bin, I store my finished projects in plastic storage bags (with holes poked in them so the item can breathe) and label the bag with: what's in it, the yarn used with laundry instructions, and maybe who it's intended for (I need to do this because I make Xmas gifts for 20+ family members thruout the year and I need to know who is getting what).  It took me a few days to set this up the way I wanted, but it was well worth the time and effort!

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on Jan 22, 2012 11:22 PM

I'm jealous! Lol, I've been finding that apparently things involving yarn are quite popular in my small town, so our local store rarely has full yarn shelves. And I was lamenting that I got the last little ball of the tan yarn with red and green flecks in it and you appear to have a whole spool of it. I plan on doing my entire kitchen set in it, if I can find more without having to order it over the internet ;)


Very nice!

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on Jan 22, 2012 11:32 PM

I get those large spools of cotton yarn from Walmart.  (Michaels & Joanne's are near but they never have the larger spools.)

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