Also looking for book of patterns similar to this knitting one? Fairy tales?

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on Jan 31, 2012 10:38 AM

I was looking through pattern books to purchase soon, and flipped out when I saw this book of fairy tale patterns.

Then I noticed it was knitting and literally had tears in my eyes(might of been because I just finished watching Armageddon, hehe) because I cannot knit, and have no desire to learn at this time. Stupid search engine, giving me knitting books when I searched for crochet -.-

So has anyone come across anything similar for us hookers? I was particularly interested in the blue sweater coat(like a trench coat/dress) and the little red riding hood cloak, as well as the crown hat. My brat is five and well immersed in living her own personal fairy tale, lol, and I'd love to help her out.

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