Crocheted Wreath question

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Glassy wrote
on Oct 25, 2012 8:25 AM

The pattern states that wreath is worked in rounds and rounds are worked in continuous spirals.  on instructions, it states " 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook.  Mark first stitch for beginning of round and move marker up for each round.  Sc in each sc around for 55 rounds".  Don't understand working in rounds.....

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on Oct 25, 2012 9:58 AM

Working in rounds means you crochet work will be a circle.  When you make an afghan, you work in rows, going back and forth.  A wreath is round , therefore you will be working in the same direction for each row, going around and around.  I find using a long bobby pin to mark the beginning of each round to be very helpful.  It will just dangle down and will be out of your way.  Then when you finish a round and reach the bobby pin, it is easy to remove for the next round.

I hope this is helpful.

Happy Hooking

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Chester2010 wrote
on Jan 28, 2013 3:49 PM

Any questions!?  PlanetJune by June Gilbank has the best tutorials.

check this page for "crochet in the round."

(there are also left-handed directions if needed)

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