counting single crochet rows

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mamagriz wrote
on Nov 14, 2012 6:13 PM

Is there somewhere I can find a picture showing me how to count single crochet rows?  I feel so stupid, I keep getting confused.  Thanks


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DonnaP wrote
on Nov 15, 2012 9:33 AM

I don't knw of a place with an explanation, but I do have a suggestion:


Crochet a small swatch with yarn with good stitch definition and in a light color. I suggest something like Red Heart Super Save in a hot pink. The reason for this is that the light color and smooth, tight yarn make it really easy to see your stitches.


Start chaining 11 with a large hook - e.g. a size K or L. Then switch to the next size smaller and single crochet 10 stitiches. Work back and forth keeping track of your rows by actuall writing it down. Start with five rows, put in a stitch marker or fasten off the yarn, then examine the swatch carefully. If you know how many rows you have done, you should be able to find the rows in your swatch and see the difference in the front an the back. You should also be able to see the 10 individual stitches and the difference in them between the front and the back.


I will often use this method when I'm working a new stitch or pattern so that I can tell how many rows and stitches I have and if my counts are correct. It has been especially helpful with Tunisian crochet.

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on Nov 15, 2012 4:17 PM

Make a swatch of 6 rows of sc.  Or if you are working on something in sc, do the following for both of these examples.

Looking at your crochet work, you should be able to see all the horizontal rows of small holes across your work.  These are a sign of individual rows.

You should also be able to see all the horizontal bars running across your work.  These bars occur every other row.

Say you have 3 rows of small holes.. That means you have 6 rows.

If you can count 4 rows of horizontal bars, then you have a total of 8 rows.

You can also count a row of holes, then count the row above which will be the row of horizontal bars, count the next row of holes (row 3) , then the next row of horizontal bars (row 4) and so on.

Once you "see" the holes and bars, you will have no difficulty in counting your rows.

Good Luck and Happy Hookin

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