The Official Saturn Sweater and Pluto Pullover CAL

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Marcy Smith wrote
on Jan 4, 2013 3:44 PM

In the Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 issues of Interweave Crochet, Linda Permann designed sister sweaters, a cardigan and a pullover. In the Winter issue, she explains how to convert a cardigan pattern to a pullover and a pullover to a cardigan.

For this CAL, you can make either of the sweaters, whichever suits you best. I will be making the Saturn Sweater, because I'm a cardigan kind of gal. This beginner-friendly pattern is ideal for a first sweater project. It has a bit of waist shaping, which adds swerve without being binding. If you prefer a looser fit, be sure to purchase more yarn. The surface crochet is a great finishing touch, but perhaps you'd prefer to work it solid, or incorporate stripes as you crochet it. Truly, this is a blank-canvas sweater. Make a little sketch and color it in to create your own design.

The Zara yarn (by Filatura di Crosa) used for both sweaters is an excellent yarn for this project. It's soft, smooshy, washable wool. And it comes in a terrific range of colors.

Saturn Sweater Fall 2012 Pluto Pullover Winter 2013

This is a generous schedule, but you'll probably have a hard time pacing yourself once you start. I'll share tips along the way and pop in to the Forum to answer questions, give advice, and (most fun of all) check out images of your WIPs and FOs.

Jan 7, 2013 -- Jan 12, 2013: Buy magazine, purchase yarn, and crochet swatch.

Jan 13, 2013 -- Jan 26, 2013: Make yoke.

Jan 27, 2013 -- Feb 10, 2013: Make body

Feb 11, 2013 -- Feb 24, 2013: Make sleeves.

Feb 25, 2013 -- March 8, 2013: Make buttonband or placket, work surface crochet, sew on buttons.

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Marcy Smith wrote
on Jan 4, 2013 4:08 PM

if you are making the Saturn Sweater, before you start check the errata here

Here is the errata in full:


Row 5 of the Yoke should say to rep row 3 (not row 2).

Rows 7-16 (16, 18, 20, 22, 22): Rep last four rows 2 (2, 3, 3, 4, 4) times, rep rows 3 and 4, 1 (1, 0, 1, 0, 0) times. Subsequent row numbers change in keeping with this change.

Size 32 (36, 44, 48 ONLY:  
Row 17 (17, 21, 23): Ch 2, hdc in first 11 (8, 15, 17) sts, --work remainder of row before end # of rem sts as written--…hdc in rem 10 (8, 15, 17) sts.

SIZE (40, 52) ONLY: 
Rnd 19 (23): Ch 2, hdc in next 68 (84) sts, [2 hdc in next st, hdc in next 66 (85) sts] 2 times, turn (final st counts are the same).

Shape Hip 
Row 1: Move the * to just after the first Ch 2.

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Marcy Smith wrote
on Jan 4, 2013 4:23 PM

About yarns:

Have I mentioned how lovely Zara is? It is wonderful. A delight to crochet and pretty to look at. Plus it's washable!

I'm using Zara in these colors: 1404 black (MC); 1783 Dark Fuchsia (A) 1789 Orchid (B); and 1938 Light Olive (C).

Whatever yarn you select, DO THE GAUGE SWATCH ALREADY! It is never a waste of time. It gives you a feel for the yarn and lets you practice the pattern stitch (which in this case, is pretty easy-peasy). And, most important, it lets you know if you have a good match with hook and yarn.

Now, I am usually (ahem) a rather loose hooker. But, as it turns out, the recommended H hook resulted in a swatch that was bigger than the gauge by 1.5 st and 1.5 rows. Over the body of the sweater, that would be a big difference! So I boosted my crochet hook by a size and worked with an I. Perfect gauge!

Just do it.

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on Apr 20, 2013 5:09 AM

Dear all, can you please  help me on making saturn sweater? I'm a girl from Italy, really addicted to crochet. I've got this pattern but i cannot understand it. For example , How does the pattern starts? How to make the first row? And How to increase correctly? I cannot find out these points through the pattern i've found on

kindest regards, 


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inasif wrote
on Aug 6, 2014 4:20 PM

Thank you for this, I just started the sweater and stumbled across the first error.  I worried there might be more and started looking for corrections.  

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