Read the Crochet Pattern for Ruffly Scarf

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on Jan 19, 2013 1:43 AM

I am brand new to crochet patterns. I crocheted something according to the pattern, but it wasn't what I was supposed to crochet! lol  I need help translating it. I'm confused; and it's hard because I'm using a bulky, super soft yarn. This is what the pattern says:

Ch 122. (check!)

Rnd 1 (right side): (I'm just realizing that I don't know if I'd paid attention to which side)
4 Dc in fourth ch from hook (3 skipped chs count as first dc), (I seem to have gotten this done correctly)
dc in next ch and in each ch across to last ch, (I think I got this right, too. I have 1 row of stitches.)
9 dc in last ch; (if I did this correctly, it basically made a semi-circle of stitches at the end of the whole thing)
working in free loops of beginning ch, dc in next ch and in each ch across; (now I have 2 rows of stitches)
4 dc in same ch as first dc; (this is where I start getting confused. Where exactly is the first dc? Is it the first one that was worked into the 122 chains in the very beginning?)
join with slip st to first dc: 252 dc. (again, not sure where the first dc is. I may have found the correct dc, but then I was crocheting 252 dcs into what I thought was the first dc. I'm guessing this is wrong because I have a funky round ball thing going on! I'm not understanding how there would be 252 dcs when there are only 122 original chs? Also, do I just do the slip st the one time? where are all of the 252 dcs supposed to go? I'm really confused!)

Then, coming up is Round 2, which I don't quite understand either. What exactly are rounds? or, why are they broken down into rounds? This is Round 2:

Rnd 2: Ch 4 (counts as first dc plus ch 1), dc in same st, ch 1, (dc, ch 1) twice in next dc and in each dc around; join with slip st to first dc, finish off.

Very confusing! Help would be so greatly appreciated!

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on Jan 19, 2013 8:47 AM

"4 dc in same ch as first dc"  -- your first dc was the 3 skipped chs in the beginning; it was the grouping with 4 dc in 4th chain.  You're going to add another 4 dc in this same stitch for a total of 9 dc's when you come to the end of the round.

After you worked the 9 dc in the last ch, did you continue on around the other ("bottom") side of the original chain stitches?  You are continuing the dc's in the same stitches that you put the first dc's (you're basically working at the bottom of those stitches).  You should have ended up with an oblong circle of dc's.  If you did it this way you will have 252 dc's and will see how and why they are calling it rounds.

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on Jan 19, 2013 11:05 AM

Oohhhhh! I get it now! I was putting 4 dc in a single stitch that was actually the 2nd dc. Then I kept working in that same chain for the 252 cuz I thought that since it said " first dc: 252 dc" that it meant all 252 were to go in the first dc. I thought it seemed odd, but tried it anyway. lol  THANK YOU!!!

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