Hello... Greetings from Malaysia... :)

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benroger wrote
on Jul 14, 2013 12:07 AM

Hello, my name is Ben and i'm from Malaysia.

Its already been about 2yrs I'm learning about Crocheting. But even the 2yrs  is quite a long time but i didn't have that much experience. So even after 2yrs i am still as new as beginners. Maybe it's because i only learning this crochet from youtube or from any crochet site. So, i dont have very much knowledge and my knowledge never getincreased... So funny, i still love to crochet. i even make some crochet gift for my friends and family.. and they say they love it...and it makes me happy and it encourage me too. 

So, i hope if there someone o anyone here would like to teach me o share a little tips for me about crochet, i would be so grateful and thankful.. Yes its true that nowadays i can purchase any ebook or book from online shop or bookstore to help me on whatever problems, but i still believe that experience is the most best teacher in our life... So, i really hope that anyone here would be so generous to share some of the experience of yours. 

Then, Nice to know everyone and thank you for reading... cant wait to have a new friend here and Don't forget to leave your replies... I would be very grateful if u do so.. :)


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on Mar 17, 2014 12:51 AM

Hi, came across your post here when I was trying to google about crochet community in Malaysia.

I get to know a lot of crocheters thru fb community group/ page.

I do freelance teaching too, I have a page in fb. Please feel free to drop by anytime :) hope to hear from you soon !





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