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on Aug 19, 2013 10:37 PM

In the book Crochet Made Easy by Red Heart, the first pattern is called "First Hat." On the first row, I got up till where it says "1 spaces." I don't know how to do that, or what that means! And before that, after I did all of the single crochet, i did the 24 chain thinking not to interweave it into the rest. It looks like a Y now. I have a feeling i did something wrong. I am a visual, and patterns don't give me a visual whether I'm doing it right or not. please help me and give me step by step.

If you want to help and don't own the book, if you google J27.0002-1C and find the link, you will be able to explain it maybe. Please help. This hat is more difficult then i thought! And I want to donate it to someone who needs it, once I'm finished making it, so please help me!

If you can, send a video, pics step by step showing me how to do that specific hat, I can't find it on youtube! If not, then pics step by step! And if you can't do that, please do a very simple dumbed down description so a newbie can understand. I know the basic stuff like single crochet, double crochet, yarn over, etc... but not spacing. Please help!

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padmaK wrote
on Aug 20, 2013 4:28 PM

Ok beginnerchrocheter ,

Here is what the pattern says

Chain 50. (foundation chain)

Single Crochet (sc in patterns for later use) in the second chain (Ch).

After you do that you make a chain (ch-1) on the hook and then make a sc in the 4th space in the foundation chain. Then make a chain (ch-1) with the hook and then sc in the 6th chain.

So basically you keep making a sc and ch-1.

After finishing the R1 YOU Will have 25 sc's and 24 ch's . Because you are making only one ch the pattern says chain-1 (one word)  space. Don't read it as chain     1 space.

In R2 you start by making Ch1 in the beginning and end with a sc.

Hope this helps, have fun with the hat


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