Better Than His Sweater - Interweave Crochet magazine Fall 2013 - help with pattern

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Petunia8599 wrote
on Dec 30, 2013 6:28 PM

Hi.  I am not an expert in crochet but wanted to tackle this somewhat difficult sweater that is in the Fall 2013 Interweave Crochet magazine.  I have knitted similar ones.  I am totally baffled at the directions.  On page 41, second column, the Next Row instructs *Work in patt to shaping cable, FPDC around next FPDC 2 rows below, SC in next 9 SC, FPDC around next FPDC, report from * 3 times, work in patt to end.  There are three patterns in the stitch guide (twist cable, wavy cable A, wavy cable B.

What pattern am I suppose to be following?  There is a set up row that encompassed all three patterns, and I did that row.  Do I insert row 1 in each of the three patterns and repeat the set up row with the insertion of the worked row number?  If so, where do I incorporate the FPDC, sc 9....shown in the directions?

If someone has this magazine and is able to interpret and give me any guidance that would be greatly appreciated.


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junenemeth wrote
on May 3, 2014 2:14 PM

Hi Petunia8599, did you ever figure this pattern out? I am now stuck at the same spot. I think I understand that this 'next row' would be Row 1 for the TW, WA & WB, and that you would just repeat Row 1 of the TW every other row, and repeat the 16 rows for WA & WB. My issue is I'm not understanding where I stop in the "set up row" instructions and start with Row 1 of the patterns. "Work in patt to shaping" is confusing me. Do I do all of the set up row up to (shaping cable) then follow the appropriate row in the WA/WB patterns? Seems that won't account for the TW's throughout .... really confused *sigh*.

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launam38 wrote
on Jul 16, 2014 7:29 PM

The reason everyone is having so much difficulty with this pattern is because it never should've been published the way it is written.  The so-called "set up" rows make this so confusing.  It should've been written row by row, as all other cable crochet patterns have been written!  I am an expert crocheter, 35 plus years at the craft and I've finally had my fill of Interweave patterns.  There is no reason whatsoever this should've been as difficult as it is for so many.

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