Calypso Clutch - help!

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mastoll wrote
on Jan 20, 2014 10:41 AM

I am attempting the pattern of the main section on the Calypso Clutch, shown in '13 Spring issue of Interweave Crochet.

First, the pattern instructions and the stitch diagram seem so different from one another.  The instructions indicate that row one should be a pattern of three sc, one ch all across the row.  The diagram shows sc all across the row.  So, I'm trying to decide which is correct; do you really need the ch-1 sp?

Then, I'm having trouble with the double treble crochet.  The instructions read, "insert hook in st below previous ch-1 sp, yo and pull up lp."  It reads as if you insert the hook from front to back through the work in the space formed by the chain stitch in the previous row, and the yo is on the back of the work.  If so, then you pull up a long loop on the front of the work with the long tail of the loop on the back and all of the "yo and draw through 2lps" land on top.  The results don't look like the picture. 

So, is this really supposed to be a front-post treble crochet?  Should I be hooking around the dc in the row above the ch-1?  If I do it that way, then all of the treble crochet ( "yo and draw through 2lps") falls on the front of the work and looks like the picture.  But then, the chevrons won't be nesting.

Any suggestions?

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