Need Chromatic Hoodie pattern help

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LeenaN wrote
on Feb 20, 2014 3:44 AM

I am trying to make a yarnie-test-piece of Chromatic Hoodie/ Annie Modesitt/ interweave crochet winter 2014`s Bobble patt and am stuck to row 2...or am not right "to where take the loop" 

Row 2 goes like: "working in front lp below top 2 lps *sc in next 5 sts,(make bobble) in next st; rep from* across, turn work so RS facing an sl st in same st as sl st at beg of prew row" 

Also those sl stitches...actually don´t know to where put those too ...but the main problem is now that am not sure where to take that "front lp below top 2 lps"

Anyone done that? Or is there any pictures of that in somewhere about that?

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inbloom wrote
on Feb 20, 2014 2:26 PM

Hello Leena,

I love this pattern, but I am a beginner, so I won't be trying it for some time.  I did email Annie to ask where to purchase it and she got right back to me. 

Annie Modesitt <>  Give it a try!  Good luck to you!  What type of yarn are you using - just curious?  Machine wash and dry?


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LeenaN wrote
on Feb 21, 2014 2:01 AM

Hi Melanie :)

Problem is solved , I managed to read the pattern first little wrong...instead of hdc-row I did crochet sc-row and that made test-count-piece-doings bit eh, hard than usually :) , I yes managed to find that 2nd loop abow of sc too...but i had a little cable needle help ...and i thought that oh no,this is bit too difficult to make if whole coat is like this kinda doings :) :) ...then I continue to make the pattern and noticed that hey,in this part of pattern isn´t sc-row at all so... my own mistake, hoooray , never been so happy of mistakes :) :)

I think I´m gonna use Dale of Norway´s wool-yarnie called Falk ,still a little fixings between hook size ,4mm hook or 4,5mm...single crochet part might do 4,5 or 5mm...we´ll see :) Aaand i think i will change colors...might choose shades of brown ooor shades of gray and with gray a little bit smoked blue shades ooor red shades might be fun too... little "to the woodland"-theme in mind... little red hoodie girl...even now it is big bigger girl in picture :) , but something like that .

... i did btw found a little funny thing about this "case" , reading crochet magazine and "zipping" coffee eyes did stucked to page 84 , "Concentration Ratings"...ok, what is that...hahaa...there´s kind of "difficulty" ratings aaand looked my chosen todo´s pattern notes : "Unusual techniques or complex stitch patterns and shaping require constant focus" (!!) Hahaa , ...they did know ... :) And did I do it...njaaa :)


Thanks Melanie and Happy Yarnieworkingdays To You Too



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