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on Feb 28, 2014 4:26 PM


I just joined this site last night. I've been crocheting since I was about 8 years old or so. I was taught by one of my grandaunts. I go through phases of crocheting and not crocheting.  But I've recently started crocheting a lot again and trying to improve my technique with a little help from YouTube. I'm such a visual learner - it sure would have been great to have YouTube back in the day.

One thing I've found lately is that crocheting really relaxes me. I think I knew that all along, but last year was a very stressful one and crochet really helped me calm down.

Right now I have WAaaay too many works-in-progress. Partly because I like having grab-and-go projects and  I have different projects for different circumstances. Such as:  will the light be good, will I have room for a large project, will I be talking?

Here's my reasoning... if the light is bad, I take a light colored project so that I can see my stitches easier. If space is limited, I take a small project like a scarf or single color motifs. If I'll be talking and visiting I take an easy, well-known pattern so I'm less likely to make mistakes while I'm distracted.  See? It makes sense, right?

I look forward to getting to know others here.


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