Stuck on a Pattern Kristen Omdahl: Serene Box-Pleat Top

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mioitaliano wrote
on Apr 13, 2014 10:57 PM

 Hello, my name is Theresa, I am new to this cite. I recently have expanded my skills in crochet and have taken my work up a level. So I am trying intricate patterns with finer yarn. I am working on Serene Box Pleat Top by Kristen Omdahl. I wish I can copy and paste from a photo of the directions.  If you are familiar with this pattern, I need assistance on the two sided join motif.  I do not see how I can rep. once from * unless it is to join another one-sided motif or motif A,  but this does not make sense as we connect as we go along fastening off, each motif.. adding the next motif to what was just fastened off.. If I need to type in all motifs and instructions I certainly will, but I am hoping some one has this pattern..

Thank you

glad to be here I still have much to learn!!!


Theresa NY

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