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Coops202 wrote
on Apr 15, 2014 7:09 AM

Hi all,

I didn't know whether to post this here or in the website area of the forum, but I opted for this in the end. I'm looking for help in making a website, and more basically, where to get domains and webhosting. I can imagine that a lot of you have your own websites for your own businesses or to showcase your work. I am looking to get one started myself for a business that my friend and I have. It's starting to grow so we wanted to get a website to promote the business online and as a place where we can put pictures, our contact and maybe even where people can make purchases (although that will be in the future and dependent on how things go). We have stuff on social media but I think an actual website would look a lot more professional.

Doing some initial research, I have found that there are so many options for domains, web hosting and site building. Does anyone have any experience with some good companies? I am not the most tech savvy so it has to be something easy to use at first until I get the hang of it and then maybe I can move on to something more complicated.

Please let me know any advice or opinions. I'd really appreciate it.

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Coops202 wrote
on Apr 17, 2014 5:04 AM


I just realized that I didn't write the kind of company I have and my previous post may have been quite out of the blue.

My friend/business partner and I have a refurbished furniture business and also sell homemade decorations for the home (some of it even includes crocheted pieces Big Smile). It's only a local business, but it's growing and I think it can do even better with a website.

A few local business people I know use 1and1 (here is the link for reference ) but I want to see what else is out there so I can make the best decision. Again, any insight would be great.

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LittleLilly wrote
on Apr 5, 2015 1:19 PM

I would recommend against 1&1. I used them years ago and had lots of trouble. I hear many horror stories to the day. 

For domains, I go to Namecheap, but it's a bad idea to get hosting service from the same place you buy your domain (there are a lot of shady business practices in that industry). So you should shop around on  the web for reviews of hosting companies.

For your website, I'd recommend installing Wordpress CMS. It's free, and it makes it easy for beginners to get started. Many large companies host their website using the Wordpress, so it's still very powerful.

You can get a free theme on the wordpress website or buy one from one of the many places that sell themes and templates.

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