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on Mar 14, 2006 6:21 PM

A handful of Crochet me designers made their own dolls from the same Amigurumi Dude pattern. Check out what can happen when you set your imagination on fire.

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 spring friend

by Annette Petavy

I don't know what "amigurumi" means in Japanese, but "ami" in French means "friend". So here is my little spring friend. She (I think it's a she) is green and pink, because these two colours symbolize spring in my mind. My spring friend is worked with scrap yarns in a
cotton/acrylic blend, and her face is embroidered with cotton thread no 5. My children think she should have hair and a nose. I think a nice hat and a new handbag are just as important!

Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington
by Anne Frost

I've recently become obsessed with Karl Pilkington, unwitting star of The Ricky Gervais podcast. The man is dim as night, but his girlfriend has him trained to do the dishes, so we know why she keeps him around. Karl has a complete wardrobe based on his on-air ramblings; a set of producer's earphones, an Auntie Nora housecoat, and several more to come.

 Pokie the Bear

Pokie the Bear
by Heather Cox

Meet Pokie the Bear! He was designed by my daughter Morgan, who requested a polar bear plushie. I crocheted him; she choose the yarn and beads and stuffed him. This is my first amigumuri and he was so fun to make that he'll probably have some new friends soon.

Timmy the Toad 

Timmy the Toad
by Robyn Chachula

His head, body, arms, and legs are all the same as the pattern. I added eyes, eye lids, webbed feet, a belly, a tie, and tons of warts. All were made with classic acrylic yarn and an I hook.  The eyes are little balls. And everything else is a flat fabric piece sewn on after.  Oh, and I squished his head down a bit in the front to create a bill. 


by Kim Werker

This is Vlad. He lost his right eye in a junior high handball match. Undeterred, he loves to read his favourite book, Chicken Soup With Rice.

He's been described as edgy and mysterious. He's frequently misunderstood. Sure, he could kick you into next week, but he's a big sap at heart.

I used Lion Brand Chunky yarn and a 5.0mm hook.


by Rebecca Velasquez

This is Pink. My Mom made a request for something to cheer up her cubicle at work.  Pink is made from Berroco Cotton Twist in Baby Pink with a G hook. I made no changes to the pattern... just embroidered eyes and nose, added a bellybutton (an outie-of course), a poof of hair, and a diaper. Oh yeah, and a tattoo that affectionately says "MOM" -- hey, it IS a gift for my mother and my tattoos are the one thing about me that makes her cringe. Mwaahaa haa.


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