Doris Chan "Amazing Crochet Lace"

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crocheting wrote
on Jul 28, 2008 2:29 PM

Surprised to see that no one's mentioned this title yet. It's not brand new now, but I'm thrilled about finding this book and I want to spend a minute raving about it! Lately I'd been on a knitting kick, but feeling totally uninspired by my 2 vest projects, so I thought I'd revisit crochet to see about jazzing things up a little and trying something new. 

After buying Doris Chan's other book, "Everyday Crochet", a couple weeks ago in the hopes of crocheting up some wearables and learning how to better pushing my skills up a bit, I thought I'd give Amazing Lace a spin for a lighter look to those knitted vest backs that needed finishing and checked it out from my local library the other day. I have to say that this title was exactly the look I was going for and I ripped out one knitted vest back to start the Sambuca Jacket.  

The projects seemed daunting at first but really aren't too difficult once it's started enough to see the pattern emerge and if you've tried any stitches beyond the basics. Most projects are labelled intermediate, which I found doable as an advanced beginner, and there are a couple easy ones too. Generally, written instructions can be a bit tricky, so happily there are charts with closeup of the pattern. 

What I most like is Doris Chan's flexible pattern technique to help us better fit our projects to the curves of the body. Lacey stitches help alot, but Doris also gives us the option to tailor. Instead of strict line by line patterns, she breaks them up into groups (yoke, shoulders, body, etc.) so that we can work patterns to fit better and give us more reason to crochet even more! 

My only gripe is that there isn't a bit more yarn info on each project. The weight number is given, but not the knitting gauge equivalent which would be helpful when trying yarns other than the one listed.  (I'm most often buying yarn from online sources that don't use the number weight system.) But this is only very minor gripe because it's easy enough to look that up.  

So, my own copy is on its way and now I'm wondering what her next book will be! 

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KellyM@5 wrote
on Aug 14, 2008 9:27 AM

I checked out the book from my library and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's just wonderful to see the possilities when you use the lace patterns for garments. I can't wait to my a lacy shawl with chunky yarn.

I also like her great introductions and instructions at the beginning and can't wait to implement those techniques.

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foxvalley wrote
on Sep 28, 2010 7:43 PM

I love the patterns in the book. I crocheted the Chrysthanthemum shawl after making the appropriate pattern corrections. I am not doing as well on the Sambuca Jacket. I fixed a few rows that were incorrect, but am a little stumped on Body All Sizes Page 118 Row 1. Anyone with suggestions?

1. Row 1 (WS) (Join) The pattern does not indicate to cut the yarn and turn the piece over before starting Row 1, but since it says "join", I am thinking that is what I am supposed to do.

2. Row 1 (WS) (Join) Pattern indicates ch 9 for underarm. Shouldn't that be ch 19? When I chained 9, there wasn't enough room to get an arm through it.

I am slowly moving along with this pattern. Depending on whether or not I can figure out what the pattern is supposed to say, I may end up with more questions as I go along. Anyone else make this up?




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