How big should a scarf be for a toddler (he's 3)

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vickisfloyd wrote
on Sep 7, 2010 9:06 PM

I'd like to make a scarf for my grandson and I'm brand new to this. I do know how to do a double crochet scarf, but not sure how big it should be for a 3 year-old. I'd also love to put scalloped edges along the long sides if that's not too difficult for a beginner. Any suggestions welcome! And please tell me what you mean when you use abbreviations: I know that DC is double crochet and that's about it! Thanks a bunch! (The scarf will just be one color).

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pure wrote
on Oct 1, 2010 7:46 AM

First, I wouldn't make it too bulky, so I would use a sport yarn that is very soft against the skin.  Then, decide if the scarf is going to be folded long ways when wrapped around his neck or left as an open/flat rectangle.  The width depends on his neck length and if the scarf is to be folded or not, and the length needs to be determined by his size and if you're going to wrap the scarf completely around the neck or crisscross it in the front only.  I really feel that it's more a matter of what you preferr and what your grandson can tolerate.  Since you plan on using double crochet, remember that DC is a more open stitch than single crochet  SC and the larger the hook you use the more open your work will get. (Just a point to consider if you're looking for more warmth)  There is a stitch called the connected double crochet that cuts down on the open spaces of the DC.  To do this stitch, you do the number of chains including the three for your turning chain.  Now insert your hook into the second chain CH from the hook, yarn over YO and pull through. This counts as your first YO of the next DC and you should have 2 loops on your hook.  Now insert your hook into what would be originally the fourth chain from your hook, YO and pull through.  You now have 3 loops on your hook. To complete your DC, YO pull through 2 loops lps, YO pull through 2 lps.  For the next DC, insert your hook into the horizontal strand of yarn on the body of the DC just made. (NOT at the top of the stitch. It's on the front of the stitch)  YO and pull through.  Insert your hook into the next chain stitch, YO and pull through. Complete your DC by yarning over and pullling through 2 lps, yo and pull through 2 lps.  Continue in this way to the end.  Turn and ch 3.  Begin this row the same way by inserting your hook into the second ch from the hook, yo and pull through.  Insert hook into next stitch of previous row( the way you normally would), YO pull through and complete the DC.  Continue across the row the same way you did the previous row.  This may sound like a mouthful if you're a beginner, but give it a try.  You might surprise yourself.

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