Using that drated PC (padding cord) in Irish Crochet!

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cgronli wrote
on Feb 13, 2011 11:45 AM

I wanted to create a "filler" between motifs with an oriental favor and found a motif in Irish crochet that would work perfectly!

Problem - when using the padding cord (always written as p c) , in a leaf design, I am getting confused as to how to manage a continuous use of it to make six leaves on one circle or ring.

I have tried about every thing to make that p c come down to the ring but the main problem is when I do the second leaf, my stitches are going to be upside down to the center ring. 

I didn't explain this very well and wish I could figure out a picture to show you all.  I did manage to make the design without the p c but it is too "floppy" and won't give me the support between my motifs.

Anyone experienced in Irish Crochet at all with help?  Thanks in advance - someone just has to know what I'm talking about.....

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betsynsc wrote
on Jul 6, 2011 11:00 AM

Work the leaves separately.  You can join them to your central ring by either sewing them together or crocheting them together.  Then arrange all your leaf-ring motifs as you wish and pin to a flat, padded surface.  Work your filler, unpinning sections that you need to access with hook as you go. By the way, did your instructions tell you to CH1 when you make a turn on the PC?  It makes it a lot easier.  I actually love using the is so much easier than using a foundation chain. 

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