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on Oct 27, 2011 2:54 PM

Since you all like to crochet, I thought you might like to know about the Sharp Crochet Hook. It is ideal for crocheting edges through fabric.

The sharp pointed head glides through fabric and paper much easier than normal crochet hooks do. You can use it to crochet edges on all kinds of things- flannel baby blankets and burp cloths, socks, gloves, scrapbook pages, birthday cards, guest towels, etc. The best part of using the Sharp Crochet Hook is that you don't have to get it hemstitched (with the presewn holes), or poke holes with an awl before crocheting. It makes it quick and easy to crochet edgings through all kinds of fabric. The Sharp Crochet Hook is patent pending.

If you are interested in edging patterns, there are a few free ones on the website, or you can get 15 patterns in the Crochet Edging Handbook. It is full color, easy to understand, light weight and portable.

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