Crocheting with beads

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on Dec 2, 2011 8:19 AM

Although I've been crocheting for some 40 years, I have never tackled a project with beads.  I really like the Pacific Wave Scarf in Interweave's Fall issue, but I'm not sure how to begin.  The instructions are fairly straight forward but my brain is just not processing the info!  I got to thinking that a CD that led me through the process of making this scarf would be really helpful.  Have you ever thought about making a project CD available for some of your patterns?  This would be especially helpful when a particular technique is introduced such as working with beads.  Are your CALs set up so that short film clips are given to show step-by-step instructions?  By the way, I bought the yarn and beads (although I'm not sure I got the right kind) and tried to start this project.  Started stringing those beads and then the cat got interested in "helping" me.  Needless to say, I'm still finding stray beads here and there and this project has been bagged and put in my "someday bin" !

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