Need help with school project on charities!

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ryssajahar wrote
on Dec 13, 2011 8:43 PM

Hello, all,

I'm a graduate student working on a History of Christianity course project involving my specialty, textiles (my apartment is a tornado path of yarn and pattern's kind of genetic at this point!).  To save the professor from having to read yet another 30-page paper on the DaVinci Code or the Crusades, if I can find enough information I would LOVE to do this project on the Knit Your Bit campaign of World War Two and the church groups who donated to that campaign, and compare them to the church groups of today who donate hand stitched items to charity.  I would like to have the bulk of the information by the end of February so I can be writing in March for a due date in early April.  Since such a large part of this involves fieldwork in the ethnography of knitting groups, I plan on attending some of the local charity groups, knitting bag in tow, to get firsthand accounts of this.  *looks shiftily*

Any and all help would be appreciated.  I've already got some books on public relief in the Great Depression years, charity guides for knitters, and the history of knitting, and a version of this post up at Ravelry.  Thanks in advance!

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