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on Jan 9, 2012 9:25 PM

Hi!  I've been crocheting for maybe 30? years on and off as the flow of babies come and go. .  I've always stuck to the blankets.  You can never have too many blankets and they can become a heirloom for the family to pass down.  I started doing scarves last year and a few simple beanies and berets.  Much easier than I thought!  This Fall while visiting my new grandson (and his parents) his mother and I found a booklet of  amigurumi animals and had a fit!  I made two while I was out there and every other crochet project here at home has been put on hold.  It is so much fun to see the animals form!  Now I'm wanting to crochet some pillow pals for all my grandkids.  I only have 4 so that isn't a very big project to finish before Christmas next year.  The thing I have run up against and can not find any clear info on is subsituting yarn.  The pillows all call for a 4 weight yarn and I want to use a 5 or maybe 6 weight yarn, they are so much softer, like Bernat Baby Blanket which I think is a 5 weight.  How badly will it affect the pattern beside making it larger and needing more yarn than called for.  And how do I figure out the correct amount  of yarn.   I have a hard time doing just what the pattern says, I'm always adding a little something here or there.  Just little stuff to make it my own  Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks a million!


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on Jan 10, 2012 7:29 AM

This site just had an article on this very subject that talked about an iphone app that will figure out this info for you:


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on Jan 10, 2012 1:43 PM

I've seen the article but I don't have a smart phone,  just computer and laptop.  From the reviews I don't know if I would want to buy it.  I didn't think about books having the info....duh...  I'm an avid reader.  I'll have to check the bookstores next time I'm in town.  Thanks for the help, though.  It was nice to get such a quick response.  I look forward to getting to know everyone though I'm not much of a poster, mostly I see what everyone else is saying.   When I think I can help I do jump in Big Smile 

Creative minds are rarely tidy Hmm

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