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Heather G wrote
on Oct 16, 2012 9:03 PM

This is the worst forum i'm seen when it comes to organization of forum boards. Each has a name but they arn't being used for that purpose.

Below are the boards.

Forum News Board: I havn't gone on that forum yet

FORUM FAQ (Common questions and their answers): This is the first place I looked I was expecting to see a list of information. Usually there's a list of questions that a newbie might have with answers after them posted by the website. People don't have the time to "figure out" the website and try to find out where everything is. People are leaving pattern questions here and posting their projects.

HOW TO USE THE FORUM (FORUM Related Questions Only. For Crochet questions, please use the "How Do I?" thread)  : Well, you say use the How-do-I thread but you DON'T LIST IT............gee thanks but the URL helps a lot! People are leaving their pattern questions here too because you don't say where to put them.

Under CROCHET COMMUNITY GUIDELINES there is nothing. You have no guidelines for us the public. There's 1 post about Aunt Lydia's #5 thread.

That's it, no more forum categories.  Gee great Forum! I won't be coming back.






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Char55 wrote
on Oct 17, 2012 8:50 AM

First of all, I understand your confusion and frustration. Let me try to help. When you double click on the “Forums” tab at the top of the page, it brings up ALL Forums. If you hover your mouse over the “Forums” tab you can choose the sub-category you want and go directly to it.


If you have double-clicked on the "Forums" tab, you need to scroll down the page to find the sub-category and topic you are looking for. The sub-categories shown on the page are listed here (from top of page to bottom) with category topics listed after the dash:

1)      All Things Crochet From Interweave  – “Crochet Me”, ”Interweave Crochet”, “Knitting Daily TV”, “Crochet Books”, and “Crochet-Alongs”

2)      Community Center  – “Forum News”, “Forum FAQs”, “Introduce Yourself”, “How to Use the Forums”, “Forum Feedback and Suggestions”, “Crochet Me Community Guidelines”, “Crochet-Alongs”, “Toni’s CALs”, and “Chain Reaction Afghan Project”

3)      General Crochet Discussion  – “Charities”, “Events”, “HOW DO I?, “Where Can I Find?”, and “Crochet Chat”

4)      Off-Topic Discussion  “Non-crochet discussions”

5)      Related Fiber Goodies  “Felting & Interweave Felt”, “The Fiber Arts & Fiber Arts Magazine”, and “Weaving & Handwoven Magazine”

6)      Tips and Articles  “Tips” and “Articles”

7)      Crochet Me Forums   “General Discussion”, “I Need Crochet Help”, “Intros and Crochet Chatter”, and “Spin Me A Yarn”

8)      Act Locally   “Local Shops, Events, and Classes” and “Local SnB Groups”

9)      Resources   “Crochet Blogs”, “Crochet Books & Mags”, and “Crochet Websites”

10)   Progress, People! – “FO Show Off” and “In Progress”


As you can see from the list above, “How Do I?” is located under the “General Crochet Discussion” category.

Hope this helps a little.



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Neterete wrote
on Jan 3, 2013 1:26 PM

Thank you informed me.

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on Mar 26, 2013 9:01 AM

I do not find this helpful at all. I agree with the original poster on finding the forums really disorganised - if you have to double click the "forums" button to go through a whole page to try to find something, then what is the point of the drop down menu?

Also, no response was given to the original poster's concern about people posting everything everywhere. On the KD forums, there is a guideline post which advises that people's posts will be moved by the moderators if incorrectly placed. They also have a warning in the forum headings themselves (DO NOT post x here, etc), but nothing is actually done to clean up the forums.

I actually find this whole network of sites clunky and old fashioned. I have been a member for a while, and I'm definitely not saying that I don't enjoy being a member - I just have to wade through the sites when I'm trying to make extensive use of them.

Hopefully the Interweave tech team will soon improve the UI of this network, because it has great potential as a social hub, but its inefficient functionality is slowing it down.


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