Swain Sweater difficulties - help, please!

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on Oct 27, 2012 6:25 PM

Has anyone out there made the Swain Sweater cardigan in the Winter/2011 issue?  The front left & right side are worked top down to the armpits.  Then the back is worked top down to the same level.  Then they're joined together (Row 28) with an additional 10 stitches under each armhole, and continued down to the bottom.  The sleeves are started from the shoulder and the pattern says to pick up the stitches for the sleeve using only Rows 1 - 27, NOT Row 28, which has an additional 20 stitches.  I followed the directions, although it didn't look right to me.  Now I've finished the first sleeve, but when I try to whipstitch the underarm seam, I can't see how to do it without leaving a hole at the underarm where the 10 stitches are.  Am I not reading the pattern correctly?  I'd sure appreciate some advice!  Thanks, Christabel

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