Blossom Kimono

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MeganCS wrote
on May 2, 2013 1:00 PM

I found the Blossom Kimono, originally published in Spring 2009, at the Interweave site sold as just the pattern. It was love at first sight, so the next step was find the perfect yarn. I wanted to use Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, but before I could find it in stock locally, I found Cascade Ultra Pima at a large local shop in such a wide range of colors it took me half an hour to choose my colors! I really hope Robyn Chachula isn't offended that I chose different colors as well as a different yarn. I needed the yarn to be within budget, and I wanted a different look from the shades Robyn chose.


For all that, I just love this pattern! I5t is sophisticated, challenging and just plain fun to make! As with any join as you go pattern, it does get confusing, but so far, I only made one serious mistake, I made a motif for the front that would have to be joined to the back whicj isn't complete or ready yet. So I had to remove that one motif, and I did manage to remove the wrong one and have to do some minor repairs. Everything is back on track now (so far). The picture I have was taken yesterday. I will post another picture when I finish the last of the back.

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