Rugger Sweater Neckline questions?

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tcremin wrote
on Dec 20, 2014 10:16 PM

Rugger Sweater Dec 1 2014 Interweave Crochet: Having trouble with the instructions for Rows 1 & 2 - at end of row 1, states to "turn, 42 Hh." Then in Row 2: Sk first sc of foundation (contains the sl st turn), Hh in next 2 sc of foundation (contain sl sts of previous row), Hh in next 2 Hh..." But you still have several remaining stitches of the foundation (didn't count, about 10) before you arrive at the the Hh. Note, it doesn't tell you to turn to make row 2, so I assume you keep going in the round. Frustrating - I'm an advanced beginner crocheter, and have tried to start this sweater 3 different times - it's so cute! Please help!

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mommy7 wrote
on Dec 31, 2014 2:02 AM

I am having the same problem. I counted and retried  over and over but it does not come out. I wish it had some more detail pictures to follow along. These instructions are confusing and it is frustrating. But the sweater is to darn cute to stop trying. Can someone help!!

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