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  • Thistledown Tunic -- ADULT SIZES WANTED

    WANTED: Adult sizes for the Thistledown Tunic!!! ~Susan in Florida
    Posted to Interweave Crochet (Forum) by sukeylukey on Oct 23, 2013
  • Bean Bag Chair?

    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right spot, but does anyone know where I can find a pattern to crochet a beanbag chair? Not a cover, an actual chair that's crocheted and stuffed and sewn (or slip stitched) together. I found one in a book called Crochet In Color, but I didn't purchase...
    Posted to Where can I find? (Forum) by Thegirlwithhooks on Sep 23, 2013
  • In need of a Beanie Pattern

    Hi, Everyone! I FINALLY found an image of a crochet beanie that I LOVE... but it doesn't come with a pattern. Can anyone direct me to a pattern similar to this image? http://www.juxtapost.com/site/permlink/7c7b7410-a7e3-11e1-85fa-6fd0b4107089/post/diy_crochet_slouch_beanie/ Thanks for your help!
    Posted to Where can I find? (Forum) by SammmJam on Jul 21, 2013
  • Finding a design

    I have been looking all over for a football pitch (soccer if in USA) design for a blanket. I can not seem to find anything that helps. I have tried online free pattern design websites which are awful and no help at all. I really want to make this blanket for my friend's little boy as he will love...
    Posted to Where can I find? (Forum) by Giselle1982 on Jul 16, 2013
  • Hibiscus tunic

    I found that the crochet hook size suggested is way to big. Even going down to 1.65mm seams to large. Has anyone else had this problem?
    Posted to Interweave Crochet (Forum) by graceann52 on Jul 6, 2013
  • Please Help!! with pattern

    ROUND 1: Work 7-7-7-8-8 dc in the magic circle, finish with 1 sl st in 1st dc. Then work ROUNDS WITH DC - read explanation above. ''Work 7-7-7-8-8 dc'' is what i have a problem with someone explain?
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by Abbie_2007 on Jun 19, 2013
  • Free Crochet Patterns

    Hi Everyone ! just wanted to let you know about my free crochet patterns, there are several patterns for babies and the home, I hope you find something you like. http://www.patternsforcrochet.co.uk/ Heather
    Posted to Crochet Blogs (Forum) by patternsfor on Jun 11, 2013
  • Pattern For Disabled Veteran

    Does anyone have this pattern? For A Disabled Veteran (He asked me to make it.) Would appreciate it very much!
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by WildeWorks on May 23, 2013
  • I'm looking for this old pattern

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me find either (a) the entire book or (b) just this dress pattern. I fell in love at first sight! 1376.Vintage 60's Crochet Knit Ultimate Hippie Dress Beret Shawl Dresses 50 Patterns eBay.htm The title I saw was Vintage 60's Crochet Knit Ultimate...
    Posted to Where can I find? (Forum) by frankiedavis2411 on Feb 25, 2013
  • Saturn Sweater-- Interweave Fall 2012

    I'm stuck. I've just started with the yoke, done rows 1-4, and am a bit confused by row 5. It seems simple: "Row 5: Rep row 2" but the numbers don't match up (obviously). Is this a misprint? Do I just need to adjust the stitch numbers to match up with the new row (does this make...
    Posted to Interweave Crochet (Forum) by catvellis on Jan 5, 2013