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  • Re: Fleece Yarn Question

    It seems to me that cutting the fleece strait in zig zag fashion is easier. I'm sure that the article you read stated that the fleece can be cut continuously so that you have long strings of fleece? I've Cut mine this way. My crochet blog: time2crochet-n-craft My quilt blog: quilt 4 art sake
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by zoe cro-z on May 15, 2010
  • shell stitch baby set sweater " I don't know how to put the arms on"

    I can do blankets, hats, scarfs but I never done a baby sweater and i'm having problems attaching the arms on: It said to with rt side of body and sleeves facing attach A in first sc of Row 4 of Stripes Section of Body. Row 1: Ch3, dc in each of next 17 sc, dc2tog, working across top of Sleeve with...
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by witnee on Apr 25, 2010
  • baby beanie hat

    Could someone help me find a pattern for a baby beanie hat, the kind that I could attach flowers to. Thank you Pam
    Posted to Where can I find? (Forum) by PamH@6 on Apr 16, 2010
  • help with pattern reading newby

    I am lost at the pattern reading for crochet. I really want to make this tote bag but don't understand how to get started. Anyone that can explain it to me would be greatly appreciated. BAG With 1 strand each of A and B held tog, ch 3; join with sl st in first ch to form a ring. Rnd 1: Ch 3 (counts...
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by dcarver2003 on Apr 13, 2010
  • Hooks and Hooks and More Hooks...What is Your Fav?

    Ok, here goes! After nearly 20 years I picked up my crochet hook again...it will forever be with me until my trip to Heaven...hehehe and I will be the first to admit 'hooks' are my weakness! I have tried, I think Every kind of wood hook, aluminum, bamboo, etc. [well you get the picture...lol...
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by KimberlyRae on Apr 12, 2010
  • I keep losing stitches

    When I get to the end of the row instead of chaining the amout required by the pattern I immediately turn without chaining and insert hook under both loops of last stitch, pull up a loop THEN I chain the required amout. I do this for each row. It's easy to find the last stitch as it will be the chain...
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by CrochetHook on Apr 10, 2010
  • Re: left-hander crochet

    Go to www.youtube.com and search for tjw1963 The Art of Crochet by Teresa videos are VERY GOOD for left handers to learn. She does them in slow motion and lots of repetition. These videos was how I learned alot of the basic stiches!
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by Kaleena2Run on Apr 6, 2010
  • "Streamlined Sweater Jacket" trouble interpreting

    Hi everyone - This seems like a friendly group! I just joined today with the hope of receiving some help wiht the finishing steps of this sweater. This is what I just completed: "FINISHING: Sew Fronts to Back at shoulders, leaving 10 sts at each center Front free." I don't understand these...
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by Sheryl NV on Apr 5, 2010
  • Re: Wooden Crochet Hooks

    Hello! I recomend the Susan Bates bamboo handled hooks as well for these reasons: aluminum is great to crochet with because the stitches glide easily along it. Stitches tend to stick on wooden or bamboo hooks and it takes longer to crochet with hooks made of this material. However, wooden or bamboo hooks...
    Posted to Where can I find? (Forum) by liveloveyarn on Mar 20, 2010
  • Wooden Crochet Hooks

    I've been wanting to try working with wooden hooks, but I would rather not spend money on something that I might not like. I was hoping that I could get some opinions on your favorite brands and save myself the wasted time and frustration. Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Posted to Where can I find? (Forum) by broad_minded on Mar 18, 2010