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  • Comprehensive how-tos for crocheting a flower - invisible joins, first st musts

    download at http//:www.skerinknittingandcrochet.com under 'free stuff'.
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by Susan Kerin on Mar 8, 2012
  • Designing a tote bag

    I've recently become interested in crocheted tote bags. Does anyone know of a resource (book, article, etc.) that explains the following: the best ways of attaching the handles? I've looked at many bags on Ravelry, and, while many of them are very pretty, it seems to me that the handles were...
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by LindaG@3 on Jan 18, 2012
  • Re: Finishing off!

    It's almost impossible for that final strip of yarn to unravel if you weave it back and forth a few times. It depends on the piece but I usually go down the side rather than back and forth on the last row.
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by DeLaCroche on Sep 20, 2011
  • "Streamlined Sweater Jacket" trouble interpreting

    Hi everyone - This seems like a friendly group! I just joined today with the hope of receiving some help wiht the finishing steps of this sweater. This is what I just completed: "FINISHING: Sew Fronts to Back at shoulders, leaving 10 sts at each center Front free." I don't understand these...
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by Sheryl NV on Apr 5, 2010
  • Weaving in Ends, 2-Part Question

    I am working on a stripe blanket that has several color changes. It's super-soft acrylic yarn, so when I tie knots in the two colors before working the first row of the new color, I find that they slip out easily. I made the mistake of tying two pieces then trimming the excess yarn. Before I knew...
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by jli2 on Feb 10, 2010