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  • Amigurumi BPSC Trouble!

    I’ve got a really big problem with one of my patterns. It requires me to do BPSC (Back Post Single Crochet)’s. I looked them up and they’re easy enough to do. My problem is to figure out where to switch to them?! The pattern reads as followed: … Rnd2 2sc into each st around ...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by HappyPoncho on Jul 2, 2015
  • Unicorn Hoodie help!

    when repeating rows 10-11 of the hoodie back, it says to do the blo stitches, then hb in the next 58 sts with 2 hb in the last st. In parentheses it says it should come to 66 sts total, but with the increase, it comes to 68 and continues to increase. The numbers don't match. Also, it doesn't...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by Christylu on Jun 18, 2015
  • How to crochet a blanket with larger scalloped edges

    This is kind of hard to explain in words, but I've attached a rough sketch of what I'm trying to make, so that will hopefully help. The project I'm working on of those blanket dolls where the "body" is a blanket but there's a stuffed animal or doll "head" on top (sorry...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by JamieGraceD on May 24, 2015
  • Help with "All Around Warm Jacket" pattern from Red Heart

    I am trying to make a jacket for a friend using a Red Heart pattern-- All Around Warm Jacket-- and I am stuck, stuck, stuck on the instructions for the armholes. Can someone PLEASE help me decipher this? What do I do? I can't figure out what it is telling me to do with the armholes. Shape Armholes...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by megleever on Feb 23, 2015
  • Size Hook Help for a certain type of yarn

    Hello there, today I just recently got a lot of this very nice yarn from a lot of things on a lawn outside of an apartment complex. (Well the owners of an apartment got evicted and just threw there things on the lawn so me & others looted things.) This very nice lady who found a comforter page full...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by LazyMe10 on Dec 19, 2014
  • I'm stuck! Can someone please help?

    I have been working on the same 3 rows for over a week. The pattern is Celestial Trio of Angels and I'm trying desperately to have it finished this week for my grandmother. I don't understand rows 10-11. I spent so much time crocheting and frogging that i had to start over because the thread...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by donna123456789 on Nov 20, 2014
  • I need help with MyPicot.com crochet edging pattern #3017

    Has anyone made this pattern before? I want to make diagram b. I'm confused on how to start it. Row 1 does not start at the beginning of the row. That's where I'm confused. I want to have it border a crocheted christening dress. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by camima00 on Sep 6, 2014
  • Row count issues

    It seems I am still having issues with loosing stitch counts in my rows! I started out with 229 and my current row is 115! Give or take a few miscounts of course, but still! I can't seem to understand how this happens! Especially when I've been following the pattern! I'm creating an Afghan...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by FinntheOrangeCat on Jul 9, 2014
  • Don't understand this bit, can anyone help?

    Can anyone help me please. I'm making a goose, and the head neck and body are all crocheted in one continuous round. I've got to a part that says - Sc in first 31 sts; for back, (sc, ch24, sc in second from hook, sc in next 22 ch, sc) in next st, sc in last 4sts. Now, understand what it's...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by KaterinaB on Mar 9, 2014
  • How do you make this?

    Hi everyone, I hope it's ok to ask this here, since I'm just looking for the stitch itself, not the pattern for the whole dress. Does anyone know how to make the white stitches? I've spent hours trying to figure out how it's done and can't come up with a good idea. I'd really...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by Nocturna on Mar 2, 2014