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  • How to crochet a blanket with larger scalloped edges

    This is kind of hard to explain in words, but I've attached a rough sketch of what I'm trying to make, so that will hopefully help. The project I'm working on of those blanket dolls where the "body" is a blanket but there's a stuffed animal or doll "head" on top (sorry...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by JamieGraceD on May 24, 2015
  • Crochet bear, pattern help....

    Hi, i'm having a BIG problem with my pattern, normally i can read them fine but this has me puzzled!! i have contacted the person who's pattern it is, but still not understanding. Any help with it would be greatly appreciated. I'm struggling with rows 4, 6 & 9. It a muzzle for a bear...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by janloot on Apr 3, 2015
  • Don't understand this bit, can anyone help?

    Can anyone help me please. I'm making a goose, and the head neck and body are all crocheted in one continuous round. I've got to a part that says - Sc in first 31 sts; for back, (sc, ch24, sc in second from hook, sc in next 22 ch, sc) in next st, sc in last 4sts. Now, understand what it's...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by KaterinaB on Mar 9, 2014
  • How do you make this?

    Hi everyone, I hope it's ok to ask this here, since I'm just looking for the stitch itself, not the pattern for the whole dress. Does anyone know how to make the white stitches? I've spent hours trying to figure out how it's done and can't come up with a good idea. I'd really...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by Nocturna on Mar 2, 2014
  • Need help please!!!

    I need help I don't understand this To start the pattern says: chane 6 + 1 turning chane. work around the chane to make an ovel, rottate the foundation row don't turn it. then this is what it says for the first row: sc. in first 5 stiches, sc 2 in the next stich, sc in the next 5 stiches(12)
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by zriel on Jan 1, 2013
  • Molly's Mukluks Help

    Dear Toni: First and foremost, please accept my thanks for the beautiful baby crochet patterns offered for free. I am so excited to make nearly every one in the ebook! So excited, that I already began Molly's Mukluks. I am nearly finished (they are so cute), but I'm stuck: Right Bootie, Row 1...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by beachkoz2 on May 22, 2012
  • Re: Head Wrap Pattern anyone?!

    well i have made a few of these and trying different flowers......the deep purple head wrap with lavendar deep purple flower came out cute ...sorry it looks blue in this pic......
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by willsoncharly on Nov 18, 2011
  • David Bowie Doll?

    I saw the cutest little David Bowie doll on the internet but I couldn't find a pattern. Is there anyone that can help me out with this?
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by Kaela1214 on Aug 20, 2011
  • please help

    I am looking or a pattern for a cheshire cat. I found one for knitting but I can't knit. my niece is sick in the hospital and her fav. charactor is the cheshire cat. If anyone could help I would apriciate it. thankyou
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by tedebear101 on Jan 25, 2009
  • If You Use Magic Adjustable Ring...

    How does the magic ring work with a pattern? I'm planning to try making amigurumi. For example... R1 Ch2, 8sc in 2nd chain from hook R2 2sc in each sc around (16sc) R3 *2sc in 1st sc, 1sc in next, repeat from * around Do I assume that the ring is round 1 and 2 and start with 3?
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! (Forum) by StealthGirl on Jan 4, 2009