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  • making crochet items available in Dubai

    hi everyone i live in Dubai and I became interested in crocheting since 2 years and i really had problem finding crochet tools and yarns with reasonable price and good quality. and if i did find a store it would be far away like Deira or in Sharjah city :( .My friends complain about it, too. so I'm...
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by sabrinaswiss on Jan 1, 2014
  • help with berry baby hat pattern

    Hi, I found this free PDF pattern on Crochet Me for a beautiful berry baby hat and booties. I'm a beginner and I've tried to make the hat more than 4 times but it just doesn't come out right. It starts becoming very frilly from the 3rd row. I think there's a mistake in the pattern. Any...
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by HYoussef on Oct 31, 2012
  • NattyEmpress Skirt HELP!!

    I have a picture of a skirt that I would like to make and I can't find a pattern that is even remotely close. The pattern looks very easy but I am just getting back into crocheting and I don't know where to begin?? Is there someone who can HELP me?
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by dmccollins on Jul 31, 2012
  • Pattern for numbers

    Good Evening, I am looking for pattern(s) for the numbers 1 thou 10. I would like to make them for my kids but have yet to find pattern(s). If there is anyone out there who can help it would be great. Thank you
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by Desertgirl1919 on Feb 20, 2012
  • my crochet items i made

    here is my blog with crochet items i made and with the pattern, http://amray1976.blogspot.com
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by amy1976 on Oct 10, 2011
  • What's Your Favorite Hedgehog Yarn????

    Just finished my Little Girl's Baby Hedgehog Purse or Bag and wanted to know What is your favorite yarn to use for hedgehogs? This one's done with two shades of long eyelash yarn.
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by Peggytoes on Sep 7, 2011
  • Crochet Pattern Giveaway! 3 winners, 3 patterns each!

    Hop on over to sew.craft.create. for a great giveaway!!! You could win 3 adorable crochet patterns of your choice ! There will be three winners ! http://madebyheidi.blogspot.com/2011/04/blogoversary-day-2-inner-hooker.html
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by sew.craft.create. on Apr 5, 2011
  • Re: Looking for a Ballerina crochet pattern

    Would this a crochet piece that you would starch or stiffen like the angel ornaments? Or is this a ballerina costume for someone to wear? I made a tutu for my friend's daughter. I would have loved to crochet one, but there wasn't enough time. I did find a pattern that was relatively inexpensive...
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by jroberts123 on Mar 29, 2011
  • Looking for a Ballerina crochet pattern

    I have been searching for a pattern of a ballerina (preferably free) but not a doll. I have found lots of angel patterns and other patterns, but no ballerina. I don't know how to design one myself or I would try that. Can anyone help me?
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by Dustynsmom on Mar 29, 2011
  • Re: Not your grandma's crochet!

    Lol. I literally was just laughing out loud because i went to a coffee shop with my twin sister and her friend and while we were having coffee, I pulled out my crochet and they were utterly appalled!! They were really calling me an old lady! I had to explain that there were so many things that you can...
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by Lnzoma on Feb 2, 2011