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  • Modern Computer Device Covers

    There are lot of iPads, Tablets, Notebooks and smart phones hitting the market nowadays. There are also a whole mess (plethora) of covers on sale from market stalls to hypermarkets and IT businesses. I recently bought a tablet that was cheap (always good) and (alas) not a big name. The cover for this...
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by Mickypoo on Aug 31, 2013
  • Tunisian crochet

    I remember making large afgans and it seems to me the afgan stitch is the same as Tunisian crochet. Does anyone know for sure if that is the case.
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by glentwistle on Apr 26, 2012
  • Re: Tunisian crochet name change

    I have always seen them used together, as if they were the same stich by different names. Crochetcabana.com gave the most comprehensive list I could find...and I still couldn't find a historical date for any of these, but I thought it was very interesting. What's funny is that I was looking for...
    Posted to Crochet Chat (Forum) by jroberts123 on Mar 31, 2011