9 Advanced Crochet Stitches Every Crocheter Should Know

You’ve mastered single crochet, double crochet, and basic increases and decreases. There is so much more to explore. In this free eBook you will learn how to create textured fabric with the loop stitch and how to quickly create a solid fabric with linked double crochet stitches. Next, discover how to embellish your crochet project with slip-stitch embroidery, how to create texture with the crochet bullion stitch, and so much more.

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Learn a multitude of techniques for crocheting stitches, including the popular crocodile crochet stitch.

With all the crochet stitch instructions you’ll need, including the crocodile crochet stitch, you’ll love all this free eBook has to offer!

Are you ready to take the next step with your crochet? Whether you want to try something new and crochet with wire, or are looking to add texture with crocodile stitch crochet, these advanced crochet stitches will elevate your crochet pieces. Keep this free eBook as a reference for your favorite patterns or use these advanced stitches to design your own projects.

Learn How To Loop Stitch Crochet

Article 1: Learn the Crochet Loop Stitch

The Loop Stitch

Crochet the perfect rug, accessory, or amigurumi with the crochet loop stitch. This advanced crochet stitch is similar to the single crochet but creates a fabric with unworked loops of yarn that create a texture that is ideal for mimicking fur or hair or constructing a plush fabric perfect for home decor and accessories. Discover loop stitch crochet today and create this fun textured crochet stitch.

How to Create Linked Double Crochet

Article 2: Create Linked Double Crochet

Linked Crochet

We have all been faced with the same dilemma. Single crochet creates a solid fabric, perfect for warm garments and accessories, but it can take longer to finish the project. Double and triple crochet quickly work up into lengths of crochet fabric, but the tall stitches create a fabric with possible spaces. Linked crochet stitches allow you use double crochet, triple crochet, or taller stitches while maintaining a solid fabric. In this tutorial we focus on linked double crochet, but once you have that down you’ll see how easy it is to link other stitches.

Bullion Stitch Crochet Instructions

Article 3: Bullion Stitch Crochet Instructions

The Bullion Stitch

Created by utilizing multiple yarn overs, this technique will add texture and visual interest to any crochet pattern. In this short article, you will learn not only how to work a crochet bullion stitch but tricks for easily pulling your hook through all of the loops.

Solomon's Knot Crochet Instructions

Article 4: Solomon’s Knot Crochet Instructions

Solomon’s Knot

The Solomon’s knot, also called the lover’s knot, is a beautiful crochet lace stitch that is perfect for summer garments and accessories. Step-by-step illustrations will walk you through creating the delicate Solomon knot to create patterns.

Slip-Stitch Crochet Embroidery

Article 5: Slip-Stitch Crochet Embroidery

Slip-Stitch Embroidery

Even a simple single crochet piece can become extra-ordinary with the addition of slip-stitch embroidery embellishment. This crochet embroidery technique can be used to add a touch of color or dimension.

How to Crochet with Wire

Article 6: How to Crochet with Wire

5 Tips for Working Wire Crochet

In this tutorial you’ll discover five helpful tips for creating wire crochet. Learn how to crochet with wire to create a beautiful piece from the simplest crochet stitches. While you can work any crochet stitch with wire, there are a few tricks of the trade for making crocheting with wire easier.

Crocodile Stitch Crochet Instructions

Article 7: Crocodile Stitch Crochet Instructions

Create Crocodile Stitches

Learn how to crochet crocodile stitch with this article. This version of the crocodile crochet stitch creates rows of “scales.” Use this technique to form a textured project or a funky accessory.

Hairpin Lace Crochet Basics

Article 8: Hairpin Lace Crochet Basics

Learn the Basics and How to Join Hairpin Lace

Created with a crochet hook and special loom, hairpin lace can be used to create amazing garments and accessories. Start by learning the basics, how to create hairpin lace patterns, and then how to join them with these two articles. Each article includes step-by-step photographs as well as written instructions.

Bosnian (Slip-Stitch) Crochet + Pattern

Article 9: Bosnian (Slip-Stitch) Crochet + Pattern

Bosnian Lace and Gobelinstitch Cuffs Pattern

The historical tradition of using slip stitches to create a dense elastic fabric. Sometimes called Bosnian crochet, this slip-stitch crochet technique is frequently used for mittens, hats, and other accessories. Bosnian crochet is currently experiencing a renewed popularity, but there is still plenty of possibilities to explore. Experiment with Bosnian crochet with the Gobelinstitch Cuffs.

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