Free Crochet Headband, Leg Warmers, Hooded Scarf, and More

5 Free Crochet Accessories Patterns

Crochet accessories are the perfect stashbuster, can accent any outfit with the perfect pop of color or interest, are a great way to try a new technique, and can be whipped up quickly. Is there any wonder crocheted accessory patterns are favorites for beginning and advanced crocheters.

In this free eBook, you will find crochet leg warmer patterns and a hooded crochet scarf pattern perfect for cold weather. We have also included the ever popular pattern for crochet headbands, a unique crochet ring pattern, and crochet belt pattern, perfect for year-round accessorizing. Each of these patterns is easily customizable for a variety of ages and sizes. Everyone in your life is sure to love these fun crochet accessories. Patterns are easily accessible, just download your copy of this free eBook today and create beautiful crochet accessory for yourself or as a gift.

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Get all five of these free crochet accessories patterns when you download this eBook today.

From how to crochet a ring for all your gals to a crochet leg warmer pattern, this eBook is packed with all the best accessory patterns!

With crochet accessories for any occasion, from quick crochet headbands and crochet rings to a hooded scarf or comfy free crochet leg warmer patterns, you will find hours of joyful crochet and plenty of crochet accessory patterns to compliment your wardrobe. Many of these patterns, such as the crochet headband and crochet belt, are the perfect stashbusters or the ideal way to highlight a special luxury skein. Quick and easy, each pattern will introduce you to a new technique, from bead crochet to ribbing, and highlights crochet’s range. Get your free eBook and begin crocheting accessories today.

Free Crochet Belt Pattern: Wide Boho Belt by Christina Marie Potter

#1: Crochet Belt Pattern

Wide Boho Belt by Christina Marie Potter

This crochet belt pattern is simple, quick, and the perfect canvas for embellishment. Follow the embroidery embellishment given in the pattern or create your own unique design with motifs and stitches. Laced with a contrasting tie, the circumference of the belt can be easily modified, ensuring the perfect fit.

Free Leg Warmers Crochet Pattern: Peggy’s Leg Warmers by Mary Beth Temple

#2: Leg Warmers Crochet Pattern

Peggy’s Leg Warmers by Mary Beth Temple

Whether you are looking for warmth or fashion, this crochet leg warmer pattern is the perfect crochet accessory to add to your queue. The leg warmer crochet pattern, worked in worsted-weight yarn, is just lacy enough to create a beautiful piece with plenty of warmth. Ensure your leg warmers stay in place with your choice of crocheted or knitted ribbing.

Free Crochet Ring Pattern: Mod Rings by Jodi Witt

#3: Crochet Ring Pattern

Mod Rings by Jodi Witt

Learn how to crochet a ring with this 1970s inspired crochet ring pattern. And you don’t have to worry about sizing; forgiving stretch elastic jewelry thread means this sparkling jewelry can easily adapt to a variety of finger sizes. So what are you waiting for? Discover how to crochet with beads and whip up several rings in an assortment of colors.

Free Crochet Headband Pattern: Marigold Headband by Sarah Read

#4: Crochet Headband Pattern

Marigold Headband by Sarah Read

This free headband crochet pattern highlights the beauty of the Catherine Wheel stitch worked in two colors. Crochet headbands are an ideal accessory for showing off your crochet during the warm summer months. And with this crochet headband pattern, you can quickly and easily adjust the size by subtracting or adding stitches at the row-ends. Create a stash in your favorite colors.

Free Crochet Hooded Scarf Pattern: Hooded Scarf by Sedruola Maruska

#5: Crochet Hooded Scarf Pattern

Hooded Scarf by Sedruola Maruska

This free hooded scarf crochet pattern is the ideal design for both chilly evenings and the cold and snowy days of winter. Pair your crochet hooded scarf with jeans and your favorite jacket for days with just a chill in the air or a winter coat and boots for a bright winter adventure. A textured cable stitch adds an interesting new stitch and an eye-catching visual interest around the edge of the hooded scarf pattern.

What are you waiting for? Discover unique accessory ideas with these free patterns!

We have gathered a fun selection of crochet accessories, from a leg warmers crochet pattern that is ideal for the dancer or the funky fashionista who wants to stay warm with vibrant crochet headband patterns that are perfect for year-round use. You will also find a hooded scarf crochet pattern that transitions elegantly from falls chilly temperatures to the cold of winter and into the promise of spring.

You will learn how to crochet with beads with an impressive crochet ring pattern. This quick and easy pattern is vintage and modern and can be finished in an evening. The simple crochet belt pattern is boho chic and the perfect base for your favorite embellishments. Add these crochet accessories to your wardrobe by downloading this free eBook today!

Discover our best variety of accessory patterns, including this beautiful crochet headbands pattern.