How to Crochet a Beanie: 5 Free Crochet Beanie Patterns

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Here at Crochet Me we always enjoy making crochet beanies. These delightful patterns provide style, creative opportunity, and warmth without bulk; making them a useful accessory for anyone. This free eBook is dedicated to celebrating all that crochet beanie hats have to offer, giving you a fun variety of patterns for crocheted beanies to choose from.

Looking for a crochet beanie pattern for the guys? No problem! Galen's Manly Hat will meet the needs of the men in your life, featuring a classic look and soft yarn. How about an easy crochet beanie? We've put two into this collection, the first with feminine lace detail and the other a fully customizable design allowing you to play with color, size and even stitches used. Add a bit of brightness with Gloria's Happy Hat, with simple crown highlights and rich textured body; you'll love wearing this hat every day! We round out the collection with the Diamonds and Lace Hat, a stunning design that is worked up in fine sock-weight yarn for slim styling. Download all five free designs and start your next crochet beanie pattern today!

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Discover all five patterns for crochet beanies in this free collection.

From feminine lace to manly colorwork, discover all five crochet beanies!

When it comes to technique, we love all that a beanie/hat crochet pattern has to offer. In this collection we've gathered a range of patterns to not only fit your style, but give you a variety of techniques. The Diamonds and Lace Hat shows off diamonds edged in chain spaces and uses post stitch cables that wind up to the crown creating openwork shaping that resemble the sun's rays. Nicole's Cap is worked in a spiral without joining rounds using a simple set of stitches to create a close-fitting laciness. Flash Beanie is the perfect versatile, adaptable easy crochet beanie pattern to keep in your stash, allowing you to use any number of stitches and combinations to work it up. Galen's Manly Hat is a study of colorwork, perfect for practicing floating colors while working in the round. Finish off with Gloria's Happy Hat, a quick beanie/hat crochet pattern featuring simple crown highlights and a fun cluster-stitch body. Learn how to crochet beanie patterns with help from the experts when you download your free collection today!

Learn to create crochet beanie hats using clusters, colorwork, and other fun techniques, plus get five free crochet beanie patterns, all with this free eBook!

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Get tips on how to crochet beanie designs with colorwork, in the round, and more.

Crochet Beanie Pattern: Diamonds and Lace Hat

Crochet Beanie Pattern #1

Diamonds and Lace Hat by Linda Permann

Play with texture and lace in this sweet, stylish crochet beanie. The crown texture resembles the sun's rays while the sides show off diamond shapes. Along with your basic stitches, you'll learn all about Foundation Double Crochet, Left and Right Leaning Front Post Double Crochet, and more!

Crochet Beanie Pattern: Nicole’s Cap

Crochet Beanie Pattern #2

Nicole's Cap by Sarah Read

This beanie/hat crochet pattern spans the seasons with its close-fitting laciness. The simple stitch guide is easy to follow, making this a great crochet beanie pattern for all skills.

Crochet Beanie Pattern: Flash Beanie

Crochet Beanie Pattern #3

Flash Beanie by Judith L. Swartz

This versatile beanie fits close to the head and is easily customizable to create different hat styles. Make one of these crocheted beanies for your favorite skiers, skaters, students, fashionistas, dads, or even for charity. You can add stripes, vary the color, add length or a fold-up cuff to change up the look as you please.

Crochet Beanie Pattern: Galen’s Manly Hat

Crochet Beanie Pattern #4

Galen's Manly Hat by Anne Lecrivain

This beanie is sure to meet the needs of all the guys in your life. Its classic without being itchy or fussy, and is both masculine and stylish. This easy colorwork pattern is great for helping crocheters establish skills for changing colors and floating them up the side of the work.

Crochet Beanie Pattern: Gloria’s Happy Hat

Crochet Beanie Pattern #5

Gloria's Happy Hat by Dora Ohrenstein

Add some sunshine to your accessories with this fun beanie. A simple crown highlights the rich cluster-stitch body of this quick and easy crochet beanie. You'll love working up this design in all your favorite colors.

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There's nothing like a handmade hat to brighten up any day. When it comes to hats we especially love crocheted beanies, they're often less bulky and have plenty of room for texture and fun. We've gathered a few of our favorites plus helpful tips on how to crochet beanie patterns, and put them in this collection to offer you for free! Whether you make one or all five, you're sure to love this free crochet beanie pattern eBook!

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Get tips for customizing your crochet beanies for function and personality.

Don't forget to download your free crochet beanie patterns eBook!

How to Crochet a Beanie: 5 Free Crochet Beanie Patterns

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